A Los Angeles native, Oliver Schnee’s true passion is found in putting music to picture.   Determined to deliver fresh, creative, and tasteful music to every project, he welcomes each new challenge that comes his way.  

In 2012, he scored a powerful feature film for Academy Award winner Robert Zemeckis, and just recently wrapped another feature with Zemeckis.   Amongst the number of projects he has been a part of, a few recent highlights include scoring a compelling film on the Galapagos Islands for National Geographic, as well as some videos with James Franco.

By combining an active imagination with an understanding of how to best utilize the myriad of resources at his disposal, Oliver effectively communicates the tone and message of a film to the right audience.  His unique voice in arrangement and composition stems from his years of study under such illustrious composers as James Newton Howard, John Powell, and Henry Jackman.  

Oliver’s love for music composition was nurtured by his father, a multiple Grammy and Emmy-award winning music producer/mixer, whose recording studio provided Oliver with the resources to pursue his dream and collaborate with some of the most talented musicians and arrangers in the industry.  

A  graduate of the University of Southern California, Oliver is very thankful for the exciting adventures music takes him on.